Limited access to websites?
Online games are blocked?

The world's first Gaming VPN

  • Main servers in North America, Italy, Germany and Japan
  • Allows access to online games and blocked websites
  • Privacy by hiding your real IP address
  • We do not save access logs
Encrypted data file and working on computer

Encrypted traffic, wherever you are

You are protected when you connect via public Wi-Fi or unknown networks

Blocked website

Access blocked destinations

We don't like censorship, with our VPN you can reach blocked servers and filtered websites

Computer, tablet and phone with DicyVPN

Protect up to 5 devices

The client is available for Windows, Android and Android TV, and you can share the protection with 5 devices

Gaming performances

We have configured our servers to be able to keep latency as stable as possible.
Ever heard of bufferbloat? With DicyVPN every user has their own limits.

With DicyVPNLatency is low and stableOther VPNsCannot be used for gaming or calls

With DicyVPN the ping remains stable.
Packet loss and high jitter are enemies of online games or calls.

DicyVPN, like all VPNs, works well if your connection is stable, connected via cable if you can!